What’s This “Growing Older” Stuff All About?

Old Guy in Training            Every now and then someone would tell me that “growing old sucks.” I’d look at them and say – “No it doesn’t!” And that’s how this site came to be. After years of hearing how growing old sucks, I decided to do something about it.

            My goal is to show the world that growing old is not only fun, but also funny. This site shows the happier side of growing old. And yes, I do believe there is a happy side to putting on the years.           

            What makes me an expert on growing old? That’s a good question. I’m not old. I’m learning to be old. I’m actually an old guy in training. My goal is to be the best old guy around. I anticipate this when I’m around 120.

            As I experience life, do, learn – I’m getting older and thus better. So the answer is I’m an expert because I’m learning to get older.

            Most sites and blogs for us boomers talk about the depressing side of growing older: Healthcare, long term insurance and other retirement concerns. All important items to consider – and we will discuss them at one point or another. But when we do, it will be with a big smile.

            I believe that growing older is not a bad thing; it’s really a great thing. Growing older is all about attitude. Growing old sucks – but only if you let it.

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